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Read Play Imagine Create Tin Set

Rs. 795

This amazing collectible tin is filled with Disney Pixar adventures! You'll discover 5 fantastic books, 10 felt-tip markers, a picture frame and a press-out Rex hand puppet - plus awesome Lightning McQueen and Mr. Incredible models to make. Get ready for action!

The Disney Pixar Tin Set includes:
1 Storybook, 1 Sticker Storybook, 1 Activity Book, 2 Colouring Books, 1 Picture Frame, 3 Card Crafts, 10 Felt-tip Markers


  • Size: 10.75"x11.75"x 1.5"
  • Ages: 3+
  • ISBN: 9781423190998
  • Format: Tin Box
  • Publisher: Disney Enterprises, Inc.
  • Lead-Time: Ships within 2-3 days from warehouse
Disclaimer: There will be no returns or exchanges for this product.

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